A Perfect Partnership

By: Chad Koebcke

Recently, Crestron announced a new partnership with Sonos– a reliable leader in the home sound system. Why is this merge significant for home automation? Homeowners are able to use their Crestron handheld remotes not just for adjusting lighting, security settings, or temperature- now they have the ability to stream music via Sonos. They are able to control Sonos from Creston touchscreens, remotes, and keypads. The partnership between Crestron and Sonos allows a quick add of zones and mobile boom boxes while keeping integrated systems as an option. Pulse Group is excited to test the integration once it’s released and will share the findings with followers.

Want to listen to coffee house music in the kitchen, while today’s hits plays in the family room? No problem, Sonos and Crestron now ensure that music will set the tone in each room. Use the Sonos app with the Crestron system to search music and create a variety of playlists. With the Crestron touchscreen, users have the control of Sonos favorites, play/pause, skip songs, view now playing music with artwork, or stop all Sonos settings with a single tap.

Natively control Sonos through your Crestron system:

  • Play, Pause, next and previous track selection
  • “Now Playing” metadata including album artwork
  • Volume up, down and mute
  • Browse and play Sonos Favorites
  • Create and modify Sonos Groups
  • Native support for Smart Graphics’ Media Player
  • Launch the native Sonos Android app on select touchscreen models
  • Pyng support coming soon

(source https://www.crestron.com)

Interested in learning more? Check out CEDIA EXPO 2016 where Sonos and Crestron demonstrated their new solution this past month. Read the full press release here.