A word from the “New Guy”

By: Dave Campbell

On August of 2013 I agreed to take on the role of Group Advisor for Pulse Group, while I worked as a part-time real estate agent. Little did I know what I was getting into! My background consists of construction as a pipefitter and as a real estate agent, with little to no experience in automation or audio/video. It was difficult but not impossible to transition, even though at times it felt insurmountable.

Learning a new position, let alone in a new industry was interesting. I was being trained on the general duties such as invoicing, purchase orders and proposals, while at the same time trying to learn the ins and outs of the industry. For example, how the systems we design work, what the vital components are of each system, industry lingo, how to create documentation using Visio and lastly programming lighting systems. Each of these areas had their own mini hurdles I had to climb before I was able to be set loose and/or have a working knowledge that would contribute to team success. Thankfully, my position as group advisor requires me to multitask at a high level, which is an attribute that is natural to me.

I was fortunate that the person who hired me had a desire for me succeed and believed in me and my ability to own the position. I found out later it was my passion and drive that landed me the gig, despite my lack of expertise. I also had a willing attitude to learn and was drawn to the company culture. Having experienced and qualified teammates who taught me without showing frustration was golden to my progress. Their willingness to take the time out of their work day to patiently show me the basics of operating different programming software and answer my entry-level questions about these systems was a real confidence boost. It made me feel like I always had an expert in my corner in the case that I needed help.

With a year and a half now under my belt, the daily tasks are now a breeze. I am also able to program Vantage and Crestron lighting systems with great efficiency all while managing daily operations and key relationships.

Looking back at the young success of Pulse Group has made me a believer in my teammates and the direction we are headed. It’s really special to be involved in a company culture that truly cares about all of their employees and likes to have a fun while working to be one of the best in the industry.

I decided to step-in and write this blog because in my position I talk to a lot of guys who are new to this industry and landed in their roles somewhat haphazardly. I wanted to let the “new kids on the block” know that with guts and grit, it would get easier. Equally, I wanted to let their employer’s know how integral support is to their success.