Moving The automation Industry Forward

Pulse Group was created in 2012 with a vision on how we can help the industry become better. Pulse Group consists of 4 core members with a combined experience of over 40 years in the automation industry. All of us originated from different backgrounds in this audio visual world, but we found all of us were equally as jaded. What do we mean? Some glaring issues we uncovered that seem to be inherent in the industry are:

  • Project designs can be seriously flawed if the integrator is not adequately experienced on product lines, component functionability, and existing system infrastructure
  • Jobs function at a lower level of efficiency when adequate documentation is absent or lacking in detail
  • End-users and programmers should never communicate (let’s get real; programmers should be busy programming, not trying to bolster client relations…)
  • Jobs without a project manager tend to be the equivalent of an elementary school playground without a chaperone
  • Many integrators hold code hostage justified sometimes on the simple ground that it is intellectual property and to force return business

At first glance our company looks like any other programming firm in the industry but it is not until you work with us that you will realize how different we actually are. Pulse group could pretty much be defined as the brainchild of a high-powered consulting firm marrying a world-class programming firm. We addressed the above downfalls of the industry by creating FOUR primary services that we specialize in (we will write more on each of these categories in future blogs):

Our team, although small, has had some big accomplishments. We have been involved in projects ranging from large commercial systems to some of the most highly technological residential properties. We are comfortable playing in the arena of new construction as well as existing system overhauls.

In addition to a bigger vision for the industry, our group is committed to intimately knowing various products and systems to allow us to always use the best possible option for creating the most efficient systems possible. To name a few, some of our favorite lines are:

Crestron: automation, shades and lighting

Vantage: Lighting and shades

What sets apart from others? We adhere to a rigid structure that holds us all accountable while having fun! Our company is driven by our core values which we consider the heart and soul of our work.

Thanks for reading. Power up. Press Play.