By: Lisa Marie Koebcke

We all get used to the daily grind – you know, pressure from clients, meeting deadlines, driving all over town, taking calls, and more. This grind that we put ourselves through is not only taxing on ourselves, but the people we probably love the most. During a meeting with a few guys from our group, the idea of recharging was brought up and I decided to explore it a little further. Out of all of the members from Pulse Group, we all have a unique way of “recharging” – in essence getting our energy to be our best not only during the grind, but also at home and with friends. Below are the ways “Voltron” recharges:


“I enjoy having extra time to wind down and get things done at a slower place. I make sure to have free, unscheduled time for working out, taking naps, and watching my favorite shows. I enjoy kickboxing, and jujitsu and have found that for my type A personality – this exercise really releases work for me. I enjoy movie night and floor beds with the family. The only other male in my house of 5 (counting our dog) is our dog Dermot Mulroney. Leaving my cell phone and computer off or in the other room is a large part of recharging for me. I have set times on the weekend and in the evenings in which I review email, text, etc. This allows me to not bounce between moods with my family during family time.”


“Sometimes engaging my creativity and imagination allows me to unwind/recharge from a lot of task-oriented logical thinking. Some ways I like to do this are, reading fiction stories, telling silly stories with my wife and kids, or being creative with arts & crafts (I have 3 kids so our house is full of art & craft type projects). Sometimes getting out into nature by going for a run/hike allows me to recharge, since I am moving out of my normal everyday place and into a place where I am surrounded by creation and wonder. I realize that when life gets stressful I have a tendency to go at it alone, but by surrounding myself with friends and safe people regularly, I am able to be encouraged by them and also in return encourage them.”


“Recharging our proverbial ”batteries” is such a unique experience. But I think what we all have in common is the need to recognize it. So many things distract us from our own wellbeing that it may be tough to recognize. My daughter once told me “Daddy, I don’t like it when you’re busy at work.” I thought I was coming home from work and putting on my dad hat seamlessly. Turns out I was wrong! So now I destress whenever I can fit it in. It might be 10 minutes in my truck with my favorite song blasting or a few hours engaging an aspect of my life that’s been neglected. I’m able to be a better husband, father, friend, and co-worker because I allow myself time to be an individual and reflect on my actions. Make some “you” time!”


“The ways I recharge after a day of work is playing a few games with some friends whether it be on the PC or on a gaming console. I also find that writing code helps me relax as well. Often times when I get bored I will just start writing code about some idea I have had in the past, most of them website or tool related, and once or twice it has even been a Crestron module. If you have ever called after hours there is a good chance you have interrupted this recharge time (smiles).”


“After a long day of work I find that my favorite way to relax is by watching my daughter play soccer. Whether it be practice or in a game, it’s just nice being outside watching a competitive sport. I try not to respond to texts or answer calls during this time as a way to step away from electronics. When time permits going to the gym is the greatest way for me to release stress and rejuvenate my energy.”


“I continually find myself being pulled to complete multiple technical tasks in a never-ending cycle that drains my energy by the end of the week. When the weekend arrives, I like to press slow motion and give myself a chance to relax. I focus on a fun low-tech activity, such as a small off-road expedition or even something as simple as baking bread. This breaks the monotony of the daily grind and offers an escape into a different realm free from my day-to-day worries. These small adventures allow me to recharge my energy and start the week ready to conquer more challenges.”

Lisa Marie:

“Most people will tell you I am pretty high-output person. I always have multiple plates spinning and am typically on the go. I learned a long time ago, that if I don’t stop to refill my own resources, I will have none left for anything or anyone else. Now, I make self-care a high priority. I recently started going to CrossFit Mountain’s Edge which has been a huge stress reliever and game changer for me. I also enjoy bike riding, cooking, watching movies, and creating. Having time to meander and enjoy life is the ultimate recharge for me.”

There is definitely a common thread to break the grind and turn off the normal everyday thinking. How do you recharge? How does your team recharge? If you haven’t asked yourself this in a while, maybe you should!