Release your inner diva

By: Chad Koebcke

Tell me if this story sounds familiar:

A client purchases a high-end automation system from you for around $200K. You spend what feels like days designing the system and preparing the equipment and programming for install. Before you are even on-site, you are faced with unrealistic deadlines based on contactor timelines. You arrive on the job site to find the place covered in dust and the smell of drying paint – maybe even the doors don’t lock yet!

The home is clearly not ready for an integrator. So, what are you doing there?

At some point, there was a breakdown in communication between you and the customer. Here are some great talking points to keep in mind before you commit to your next sale…:

  1. Help the customer to understand that all elements of a new home or remodel including paint, drywall, flooring, landscaping (and more) are important – but there is an order to which these jobs should be executed.
  2. …Then help the customer understand that this investment in their home is significant and because your role is robust, you and your team will require an environment during install that is conducive to the attention their home deserve – even if that means the customer is newly moved in.
  3. Explain the conditions you need to ensure their house works to the best of its ability when you are done.
  4. Continually ask for what you need. If a deadline is shortened and it jeopardizes the project, explain that. Circumstances change, and you should be flexible – but not at the expense of the quality of your work.

You see, we believe at Pulse Group that the highly complicated, highly focused, and highly detailed industry of automation and integration be given the appropriate amount of time, understanding and control to deliver truly successful systems.

If as integrators, we set a series of standards for ourselves in a uniformed fashion, it won’t be long before everyone involved will catch on.

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