We're Masters

By: Lisa Marie Koebcke

When we formed Pulse Group 6+ years ago, one of the first core values we created was “fight conformity”. We believe that staying up-to-date with the swiftly changing landscape of technology will allow us to develop and refine our skills to better support our dealers. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll see that earlier this month we headed to Connecticut for our annual Master’s Training. Master’s is the yearly Crestron deep dive into the inner-workings and programming of Crestron solutions.

We are inspired by global leaders like Crestron who continue to grow and constantly evolve. This year Masters added 52 unique courses, 32 new courses, and 20 update courses! In addition to all learning, they also introduced their Partner Pavillion where we were able to network with experts from around the world.

Attending the training is also part of how we keep our Crestron Service Provider status, and stay in tune with where Crestron is taking its solutions in the near future.

The training is very comprehensive and covers A LOT. To name a few, we touched on NVX network/troubleshooting, vc4 programming, and josh.ai integration. This is an exciting time with the introduction of the C# language into the OS. It unlocks a whole new level of power and efficiency into our systems. Also, the introduction of the proven foundation of HTML 5 will enable us to provide cutting edge design UI on top of stable powerful code base.

In other words… watch out for what’s to come! You know we believe in a strong framework and user experience with the combination to customize and evolve a project for any user. Our new trajectory is amazing and we promise not to keep you in the dark or disappoint! Please share your ideas for our new build that will be utilizing C# and HTML5! Just share with us on Facebook!