Win with Custom

By: Chad Koebcke

Before I jump in, let’s be clear, this isn’t a blog dedicated to “bashing” specific control systems. This is a blog looking at trends in control systems over the past decade and their specific limitations.

Do you find yourself in a competitive bid situation where you are competing against the limited system solutions of Savant, Control 4, or Lutron? Well, let’s keep it real, that can be frustrating because this is not a custom AV world anymore! It’s more like “Canned AV”. I can’t help but notice what control companies like this have shown the industry over the years.

The obvious:

  1. There is an industry-wide need for projects to go smoother
    • That’s why we designed Cross Colours to be frameworked, making systems further along when we show up with our ready-to-go code.
  2. The less experienced needed a bone so they could actually compete with custom integrators (without making the AV industry look like fools)
    • Hint: Provide a sales experience that the client can sell themselves on!
    • Note: If the product, salesperson, and presentation are superb then the sky’s the limit. For example, when the Cross Colours “Floor Plan View” panel style is a MUST from the clients perspective, then other control solutions are no longer in the equation. This leaves your sales abilities and presentation against other quality Crestron dealers the only barrier to having an amazing new project.
  3. AV companies no longer need certain key (expensive) personnel from a corporate level or unstable outsourced solutions.
    • However, when having reliable partners like Pulse Group, you have access to experience, project management, and bandwidth expansion when you are slammed.
  4. By limiting customizations, more bandwidth is created for projects which translates into more dough for the integrator!
    • Creston providers now compete in this space weather it be an entry Cross Colours system, pyng, or studio. Offering the tiny projects all the way to multi-million dollar projects.

Ok… Sounds good in theory, right? NO! What does that show the end-user over the year? It takes your average Joe Shmo homeowner and makes them think that cheaper is better and smart homes are no longer a luxury but common standard. What integrator would want that market-tip?! As high-performing integrators, we need to remember to educate our end-users about the power of custom, and make sure we can offer solutions that give them back the luxury of custom, while not jeopardizing the success of a project. That is what we strive for at Pulse Group.

There are some points we cannot forget about the custom world:

  1. End-to-end solutions such as Crestron actually do make for a much better end product.
  2. Having the ability to pivot with custom programming is vital.
  3. Having the option to change order some “one on one” time to sit and customize with the client is better having no option on the larger homes.
  4. Keeping up with technology using hundreds of programmers internationally to write modules for the latest tech keeps your firm on the bleeding edge.
  5. Crestron is the most reliable video distribution in the industry.
  6. Floor Plan View Panels: Knowing the houses keep getting bigger there is no better way to get a snapshot of your new monster home than our industry-leading Cross Colours framework complimented by our in-house Floor Plan View design user interface. It has a really awesome competitive edge over other control systems and integrators. Not to mention the extra cash as you are no longer competing in the apples to apples world. You’re no longer selling on price rather design!

So what can you do? Well, you’re in the right place by reading this blog. But first, check out Cross Colours. It offers the over and over again solution of a single, well-thought out user interface while providing the additional support with continued custom programming keeping up with technology unlike any in the box company. Second, reach out to a Group Advisor who can help with best practices and give you all of the up-to-date information you need to know to stand out and educate your clients.

Let’s take back the market perception and continue to dominate!