The Intangibles

By: Lisa Marie Koebcke

We’ve always been crystal clear on our scope of work and where we start and stop as a company. Our AV Division offers 4 keys services: design, documentation, project management and programming. You can read about those here. Our software division is more fluid, but we have a 4 step process that has allowed us to take on big and small projects with ease - more about that here.

What we don’t market and advertise are the intangibles. The experience and service that takes your business to the next level. For Pulse Group, there are several we’ve identified:

  1. System Troubleshooting and Support: We see different system configurations upwards of 10x a day. This gives us experience and allows us to identify quirks that the average integrator does not get to see and work through. We “touch” a lot of audio-video systems. Yes, we have some situations that stump us but we always can work through them. How many stump you? How quickly could our partnership allow you to jump those hurdles and move on to new profitable projects? Lean on us!

  2. New products to Avoid: Sometimes a new product comes out and gives us an amazing experience but more often than not, it comes out and its clearly not ready. Our dealers like the latest and greatest and being in technology demands we be on the cutting edge. We experience new products often times right as they come out allowing us to recommend a hold or buy on that product. Reach out to your advisor if you are wanting more information on a new product before trying to learn and implement it yourself.

  3. Commissioning Systems and Networking Experience: Most of our members lean on us for this but did you know you could cut costs by doing this in house and use us as remote programming? We have deployed entire hotels remotely and we can get your project completed remotely as well if your team is trained and willing to be the commissioning eyes and ears!

  4. General Expanded Bandwidth When You Need it and your Sales are Killing it: Let us help you get engineering questions answered right away. This paves the way for organized successful projects and happy customers. And, more money! Sometimes hiring is needed and sometimes just some upfront organization does the trick expanding your profit margins.

  5. Ability to Keep Up with Technology Faster than any in the Box Solution: Savant, Control 4, or Home. If it can be done we can do it. It costs “x” is better than, “we can’t, I’m sorry…

  6. Systems that Create Efficiency in Large Projects: Reach out to your advisor if you find yourself in a project larger than your norm. WE can help! We have a variety of systems and programs in place that allow us to scale quickly and efficiently.

  7. Sales Experience: Have a large opportunity but don’t have the experience closing it? We can help with strategy on this as well. We have a combined sales experience of over 40 years and have great tips that will help.

I am sure this list is much larger, but I want you to understand the value of the unspoken.

What do the intangibles look like in your firm? How can you leverage them?