We offer programming to automation industry professionals who want to take on jobs beyond their general scope of work.

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Design along with the proper deployment of documentation, programming, and project management sets the course for a truly successful project with upgrades and referrals. Pulse Group offers the service of reviewing your existing designs before they go out and/or creating new designs. We offer second to none experience based on our member list. Our relationships and partnerships give us leverage exclusive to us that directly benefits you, including access to new products, typically before those products hit the market.
We require four sheets of documentation for every project: Input and output for video distribution, audio distribution, control, and UI design for each space and device. This is a key factor in allowing for efficient deployment. Our documentation acts like a blueprint and gets all members of a project working together on the same page.
Project Management
With over 30 combined years of integrator experience we know that deadlines are tough and you may need more than programming to close a project in order to secure future business. Your assigned Group Advisor on large-scale projects will assist you in organization since the first 10% and last 10% of the project are so crucial.
We have a dedicated team of certified programmers with over 45 years of combined experience. We specialize in specific programming including SIMPL #, SIMPL Windows, VTPROE, Vantage Design Center, Lutron Homeworks, and more. We deploy programs that meet or exceed our client’s requirements, while at the same time having design, simplicity and usability in mind.

Group Certifications

Crestron CLC-C Certificate
Crestron DMC-E Certificate
Crestron DMC-D Certificate
Crestron Services Provider
CTS General Certificate
OSHA Certificate
Extron Certificate
AQAV Certificate
BiAmp Certificate

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Partnership with Pulse Group comes with

Access to a team of professionals who will help you at every step of the job, whether it’s an upgrade, new install, bid design, or more.