When your word is on the line,

Chad Allen

Group Advisor
“The Collaborator”

Have you met Chad? For over 15 years, I ran a local Las Vegas integration firm that specialized in mid-large size programming jobs and alarms. During my time, I developed and enhanced a formula that combines knowledge and experience to produce the best possible outcomes for our clients in four key service areas: design, documentation, programming, and project management. When it comes to programming, let’s just say I know enough to be dangerous.

My team members, friends, and family would describe me as meticulous. I take pride in leadership and exceeding expectations. When I’m not at Pulse Group, I am working my way through the ranks of kickboxing and jiu jitsu, playing ball, or spending time with my family and friends. My wife and I have two amazing daughters and a dog named Dermot Mulroney.

Personal Brand: My strengths include a combination of strong leadership and enjoyment. I have mastered the skills of driving a team, staying focused, maintaining even temperament, and creating empowering experiences. I lead by example, critically think through important decisions, and deliver reliability.


Daniel Grothman

Group Advisor
“The Gifted”

Growing up, there was one rule in my house that differed from most. “Daniel is not allowed to take apart electronic devices in the house!” This stemmed from my innate interest in how things worked. Unfortunately my ability to dismantle far exceeded my ability to re-construct. However, my quest to explore the operation of things never ceased, and as I grew so did my ability to fix and creatively repair. The curiosities of my youth eventually lead me into the world of programming and a whole new frontier where construction and deconstruction happens without tools you find in a garage but instead in the realm of binary 1’s and 0’s. Along the way I have found other areas of life that fulfill and motivate me, like playing and watching soccer, hiking, reading and enjoying board games. By far the most important to me being my amazing wife, and three kids. They continually lead me on new adventures into areas of life I have never explored, while also giving me a foundation of love that allows me to make mistakes along the way.

Personal Brand: I am a future focused software engineer with a passion for efficiency, discipleship and encouragement.

David Campbell

Group Advisor
“The Rebel”

How’s it going? I’m Dave. I am a documenting expert, music lover, and giant sports nut. I’ve spent the better part of my career in a wide range of professions from construction to real estate but have found a true passion for the audio/visual industry. Now I get to pass all of my expertise along to our Pulse Group members to help them grow their businesses.

When I’m not working, I am spending time with my lady, my family, and my friends. There is also a good chance that I am playing video games, playing basketball or golf. Yes – I do go to Rebel basketball games and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Troublesome clients usually end up frozen in carbonate.

Personal Brand: I am team-driven and inspired by the leadership and talent I surround myself with. My work ethic is rooted in trust and dedication which allows me to communicate honestly and effectively.

Jason Clift

Group Advisor
“The Prodigy”

How’s it going? I’m Jason. I am a Group Advisor here with Pulse Group. I specialize in programming, project management and training. I have been programming since the Visual Basic days; my first ever computer was a HP 386.

Most of my programming has been self-taught and ranges from C++ to LUA with a heavy specialization in PHP and HTML, with a minor dip into relay chat (but we won’t go there.) I am currently wrapping up my Crestron Certification Exam – so go me!

I love doing computer gaming and archery – and, yes, I can outshoot any other Group Advisor here… (Yes, that’s a challenge). There 104 words or less. Done!

Personal Brand: I have spent years cultivating my programming knowledge and have put extreme emphasis on making sure my reputation speaks for itself. When I am programming, clients can rest assured that I will respect timelines, understand their systems, always communicate respectfully, and provide a solid foundation for upgrades and changes to ensure ultimate success.


Lisa Marie Vasquez

Group Advisor
“The Drill Sergeant

What is up! I am Lisa Marie. I am a born driver (rightfully earning me the alias of drill sergeant). My background is not in the automation industry but I have learned enough from my time with the Pulse Group to understand it conversationally! I was on the road to obtaining my PhD in Criminal Justice when I fell in love with business and the world of entrepreneurism. I believe in creating a business stratosphere (strategy + atmosphere) where teams play at the highest level because of their foundational strength and unbreakable purpose. I am passionate about branding companies from the inside out. It is only after a team is aligned that their true brand identity can be created and executed (just ask the guys about this process). When I am not working….wait, I am usually always working. Well, even while I am working I am busy loving and living life to the fullest with my man, my family, and my adorable puppy – Dermot Mulroney aka Dylan McDermot.

Personal Brand: I focus my professional life around my strengths: discipline, design, and drive. I focus my time and energy into making every experience count. I bridge the gap between structure and creativity allowing for truly balanced products, services, or engagement.

Michael Theil

Group Advisor
“The Techie

Thanks for taking the time to read about me! I’m Mike. The thing about me is that I like solving puzzles. From the beginning, I chose this profession because things either worked or they did not; a task was complete or there was more to do. I always wanted to understand and know why things operated the way they did internally. I take the question out and replace it with reason and logic. I love to line up all of the details and piece each part together. Each project that I work on is like a puzzle and it’s my job to be able to say that ‘I know it works’, rather than ‘I hope it works’.

Personal Brand: As a programmer, I strive to take a vision that others dream about, and through organized effort and expertise, transform it into a deliverable product.

Tyler Taitano

Group Advisor
“The Doodler

Sup, I’m Tyler. I am a go with the flow kind of guy, but in a swim with the current kind of way. You know all those ads that pop up on your Instagram or Facebook feed that you don’t really want to see but sometimes get suckered into clicking on anyway? I’m the guy that makes those, among a variety of other things. And I love it. Graphic design has given me an outlet to express my creative passion and dive into industries I’ve never even dreamed of. There is something about taking an idea or a product and bringing it to life through art that I can’t get away from. I find myself constantly thinking of new ways to thin the strokes between creativity, business and technology. It’s been eight years since I stumbled upon one of my dad’s old torn up Photoshop Elements book and opened up the path to my career. They always say enjoy what you do, I think I nailed that one.

Personal Brand: I strive to bring the ideas that I come across to life with dynamic artistic execution and to its fullest potential because there is something to be said about even the smallest doodle in a notebook.

Matt Bonari

Group Advisor
“The Critical Thinker

My name’s Matt, I’m a critical thinker, cyclist, and chai tea connoisseur. While I’m fairly new to the world of automation, I’ve always been fascinated by technology and how it can be leveraged to empower and enrich our lives. My experience working with brands like Nike, Gucci Group, and Jimmy Choo has allowed me to explore many different organizational standards, client relationship styles, and world class after-care techniques. I believe there’s real beauty in efficiency and I pride myself in being organized and methodical in my approach to solving each of my client’s needs. I’ve found my own personal recipe for success in seeking out important lessons in everyday experiences, and vigorously applying this knowledge to each new task I take on. I love to read and consider myself a collector of knowledge. More often than not, you can find my nose buried in a hefty how-to guide. I also enjoy Fiction, Non-Fiction, Textbooks, user manuals, and overly technical PDF’s.”

Personal Brand: I believe in a foundation of positive communication, integrity and relentless study. My number one goal is to arrive on each job site with the confidence that I’m over prepared and ready to design and execute a brilliant plan of attack no matter the scale or timetable.

Jake Fahrbach

Group Advisor
“The Black Hat

Hi, I’m Jake. I want to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, books that come bundled with organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, and kickstarters that actually deliver what they promise.

As a programmer with over 10 years of experience, I’ve worked internationally with Google, Warner Brothers, USC, UCLA (and more) designing, developing, and deploying basic conference room systems, production event spaces, enterprise level building management systems, and everything inbetween.

When I’m not programming or working on R&D, you can find me tinkering with electronics, visiting comedy clubs with my buddies, or helping my mom remove the thirty-seven toolbars on her browser so she can get back on to facebook.

Personal Brand: I have a strong passion for learning and I am always striving to acquire new skills and to improve the workflow and procedures of myself and those I work with. I believe that skill and ability need to be paired with humility and respect to prevent complacency.

Igor Maydanik

Group Advisor
“The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Pulse Group – aka The Double Checker

Yo. My names Igor, and if there’s one thing I’m good at doing, it’s living up to the thing in italics below my name. I’m young, ambitious, and very capable, and above all I love a good challenge. Not in the half-assed resume sort of way either, I mean I go out of my way to push myself and take on things way above my weight class. Right now I go to UNLV, double majoring in Software Engineering and Finance, and I plan to eventually start my own little business which I’ll use as a platform to take on the world, Ol’ Musky style. I absolutely love learning, about everything, and am always soaking up experiences that I have with business strategy, brand development, programming, and all of the little interests I have on the side which include everything from history to chemistry to physics. My goal is to master every single possible thing there is to master in the universe, and although I know I’ll never actually reach that goal, that’s no reason not to try.

Personal Brand: I don’t know what the answer to life is, but loyalty, drive, awareness, and passion seem to be a pretty good foundation to start building from, and I make those traits crucial to my fundamental being. I love to pick the decision that makes for the better story, and always strive to creatively funnel my millennial angst into worthwhile experiences.


Damon Ruemmele

Group Advisor
“The Eagle Eye

Greetings all! My name is Damon and if I had to choose just one quality that most defined me it would be my passion for people. I’ve been a firefighter for 23 years but have done many things while holding that full-time career. I’ve worked retail, a ski shop, driven limos, and went through bartending school. I didn’t realize it in the moment but all of those things have one crucial thing in common that allowed me to thrive in each endeavor. Customer service! I have an OCD-ish quality that drives me to approach a task as if I were the customer. I take a tremendous amount of pride in my “brand” and it’s words like engaged, humble, sincere, and meticulous that support it. My role with Pulse Group allows me to draw on skills that will help us deliver a product that has a high attention to detail in the user interface coupled with a positive, professional interaction with all involved during integration.

Personal Brand: People and relationships matter to me and not just in a lip service way. By investing in people I feel like I’ve accomplished some great things both professionally and personally. I look forward to applying that same passion with each client we work with. On a more personal note, I too enjoy archery. So Jasons’ challenge is accepted!


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