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Get to know you
During a series of calls, A Group Advisor will gather as much information as possible about you and your business. Pulse Group believes in drive-through communication so one of the things we like to do is create a single-page document repeating back what we heard from our time together to confirm we understand your needs.
Action Plan
At this phase, we have taken your custom project and put it in a box. This box consists of sequential stages that build upon one another to answer all the questions that are lingering regarding the best solution for your development project. For example, after getting to a know you and your desired project outcomes, we create the action plan to ensure we have the best solution in place to support you. Elements in an Action Plan could include proof of concepts, clickable wireframes, graphic design, and overall features, flow, and function of your project. Work in this phase lays the foundation for the Development Plan, trying to achieve upwards of 80% understanding of the project.
Development Plan
With 80% working knowledge of your project, we will be able to write a development plan using our proprietary process. We’ve taken the Agile Method and created a structured version that allows for us to clearly articulate development timeframes, costs, and what is needed to cover the final 20% of a project. Unlike other software development firms, our Development Plans are fully transparent, including the full involvement of our clients on two-week intervals so there are no surprises and minimal wasted development time. We also make sure to educate our clients on number of sprints, explanation of time, understanding of cost, and client responsibilities. We include a story point system that clearly articulates when a development item is:</p>

1.) True (completely known)
2.) Questionable (potentially some questions need to get answered
3.) Not True (there are specific known items that need to be answered)

This allows clients to understand our time estimates and empowers clients to go on a fact-finding mission to expedite and/or cost save on development time when needed.

Continuation Plan
This gets written to each client based on how their development plan was written and their ongoing needs are portrayed. This Plan will get written when the development plan is roughly 75% complete.



Group Languages / Proficiencies

C#, PHP, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, React, Angular 2+, Cordova, Ionic, DotNet Core, Razor Pages, Identity Framework, Entity Framework, Stripe Integration, Plaid Integration, Javascript/Typescript, Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure Cloud, AWS, Go, Swagger, Prometheus, Portainer, Grafana



We’re in This For the Long Haul

The average relationship with your software developers is ranges from 7-15 years. We’re good people, you’ll like us.


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