A Moment of Thanks

By: Lisa Marie Koebcke

During this season of reflection and thanksgiving, we want to dedicate this month’s blog to the topic of gratitude. Being grateful is more than an action or words, it is a state of being. Even more, it is the art of recognizing the abundance of “positive” we have in our life, even in times of sheer and utter chaos.

Pulse Group, like any business, has moments of huge wins and major losses, but with the spirit of our team, we are able to always acknowledge even the biggest losses are filled with mega greatness. In our attitude, conversations, and our work, we strive to remain constant in our gratitude – gratitude towards:

  1. Our Team
  2. Our Clients
  3. Our Partners

In 2015, Pulse Group was able to not only nurture our existing team, but also grow. Our newest addition to the team is Michael Thiel. Michael is a talented programmer who not only brings with him a level of skill, but also a whole new set of certifications. To read more about Michael and to view our certifications, check out our group page.

Our ability to grow our team came out of the demand of the work we have received from our growing list of Group Members. We are honored to work with some of the best in the industry. Each day we are thankful for the opportunity of new projects and more importantly the solidification of some truly amazing relationships.

Our partners are people who are excited to be a part of our culture by not only spreading the word about our services, but also align with our values.

What are you grateful for this season? We would love to hear! Share with us on Twitter or Facebook!