“Heart String”: The Product of a New Generation – Part 2 of 2

By: Chad Koebcke

Last month in our blog, “Heart String”: You’re not Selling automation, we let you in on our secret to close big opportunities and secure permanent clients by playing to their desires. We discussed how it’s not your job to sell to sell a product, but to sell yourself. We also promised that this blog would further that discussion and show you how Pulse Group makes that easier for you, and how you can go out tomorrow to start building up a foundation of stronger partnerships than ever before.

Because once you take the time to get to know your client, you have the opportunity to set yourself and your company apart by taking aim for their precise needs and desires. See, once you know a client, you have all the information you need to make a sale. Effective marketing boils down to knowing your demographic, and in much the same way, making sales boils down to knowing who you are selling to. You don’t have all the information you need to make a successful approach the first time you meet, and thus there’s a chance you may hit the mark, or you may not. But once you’ve built the foundation, you’ve fostered the relationship, and you can hit the pressure points to quickly, effectively, and, above all altruistically, make a great sale. Altruistically because, again, you’re going to be giving your client exactly what they want and what they need.

So how does Pulse Group make this job easier? One of the great ways to set yourself apart is showing your client how your products align with their desires, by offering them everything they need and everything your competitors can’t. Our team invests a lot of time and resources into research and development and vetting the products that come into fruition. The outcome of our most recent development is known as “Cross Colours” and it’s going to change the way you sell.

Cross Colours is the product of the new generation. A generation that is fast, efficient, accurate, experienced, and customizable. As the latest touch panel layout from Pulse Group, Cross Colours was designed to reflect these aspects on its way to redefine the industry. It was envisioned as the essence of a series of answers that, when pulled together, would embody the efforts of a diverse and experienced team with a passion for perfection. An essence only truly realized when the answers to the following questions were nothing short of “Yes”.

  • Can we create a panel that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, despite the complexity of an interface that controls all of the features of a home?
  • Can the same panel still function just as well as an individual (location based) panel?
  • Can it be emotionally appealing through its design, colors, and skin selection?
  • Can the panel’s layout offer the user an excellent sense of navigation, allowing them to easily sort through different menus and accurately infer where settings may be?


In the Cross Colours flow, every control, setting, and option is at your fingertips. The simple, yet comprehensive layout gives you the gratifying capability to do everything from dimming a single lamp to simultaneously configuring every shade, light, thermostat, and audio source in the entire house to your desired state at the touch of a button.

Customize your panel with a wide range of different skin options, each beautifully applying their own twists to the sleek aesthetics of the panel. Choose the look and feel of two layers: the audio/visual controls and the global controls.

The “Power Panel”, presented with the release of Cross Colours, is a feature of the interface designed to control your three primary systems: Audio/Video, Lighting, and Shades. Its design promotes efficiency and customizability by giving you the power to control all three of these systems at once, allowing you to set the mood of potentially every area of your entire property in seconds. Customize each light, audio source, and more to your liking in seconds, so that every event you host can be unique and tuned to perfection.

Please keep in mind that a Crestron End-to-End solution is ideal for the “Power Panel”, however certain exceptions may apply. Please contact your Group Advisor to learn more.

We are confident that you will share our vision as soon as you begin to work with our new panel design. From everyone here at Pulse Group, we know you will be blown away. Get ready to rediscover your system like you never have before – with Cross Colours.

Now, up until this point, Cross Colours has only been shown to Group Members, but based on feedback and anticipated demand, we are ready for our subscribers to be among the first to get their hands on a demo.

Click Here to See More of Cross Colours

On Tuesday, May 2nd and Thursday, May 4th we will be featuring live demos at the Tech Summitin Southern California (If you haven’t registered yet, you definitely should).

Once you schedule your demo, you can request a printed (and very sexy) tutorial that comes with a matching skins brochure place and a pocket for your business card. This is one more tool in your toolbelt to make sure you’re not only reaching your client’s heart string, but also infusing some #WOWFACTOR into your relationship.

NOTE: Don’t be afraid to charge for your newly found confidence. Know you’re a top player and know how important it is to run a financially successful company. Knowing your value is a key business ownership principle that we will write more about in the future.

I would argue that Pulse Group Members know more than most when it comes to the power of sales, relationships, integrity, and the power of emotional aspects of creating a powerful presentation that sets you apart from all others.

Knowing the power of Cross Colours and the ability to match touch panel styles and colours is a perfect way to set you apart.