In the Spirit of Team Culture

By: Lisa Marie

We have been watching Ted Lasso (if you have not already, you have to check it out) and in reference to team culture - it is incredible. Chad said the other night that the greatest thing about the show is that it’s not about recruiting the best people that fit the culture, but working with the team they have and building something great. This resonated with me so much because a lot of times companies want to kick the “duds” off the team and replace with them with someone that “fits”.

Isn’t leadership about leading? Inspiring? Motivating?

Of course, sometimes there needs to be a reset and someone has to be let go - but it should be based on the quality of their work and not whether or not you don’t like the way they fit in the culture. Part of your role is make sure that your team is bought into your mission, vision, and values.

Part of the work comes with attracting the ideal candidates from the start. The other part is building a culture through design and leadership.

At Pulse, we’re married to our core values and we make decisions based on them. They’ve helped us decide what jobs to take, what work to turn down, who to do business with, and how to scale.

In one scene from Season 1 of Ted Lasso, Ted (The Coach) is trying to improve morale with a team who thinks he is a joke. He puts out a suggestion box and encourages the team to write in with feedback. Upon opening the box, he’s met with a lot of trash talking, but one note simply asks for a change in the water pressure. Of course, Ted pulls that aside and makes sure the shower is fixed.

The scene ends with one of the most disgruntled payers enjoying the new shower pressure.

The lesson?

You have the power to change culture by small, incremental, improvements that will often result in big changes.

Part of a toxic culture is when someone or multiple people don’t feel heard or respected.

My challenge to you would be to start with 3 simple questions:

  1. How can you connect with your team in smalls ways that can make a big impact?
  2. Are your efforts genuine?
  3. Do you practice what you preach? and do you do it consistently?

Building strong teams is another equivalent to building strong relationships. They take intention. They take work.

How is your team culture? Do you have one? Do you want one? I’d love to hear how it’s going.