Self Care During the Holidays

By: Lisa Marie Koebcke

The holiday season is always a hectic time no matter what phase of life you’re in. People are always in a rush and each year it seems like “Christmas” comes earlier and earlier with stores putting up displays starting in early November. Whether you’re stressed about money, family, plans, or work, self-care is especially important in these times. Take a moment for yourself and reflect on what you need and evaluate your plans for the season.

I am usually the first to host big holiday parties. In fact, over the past couple of years, Thanksgiving was becoming sort of a tradition. As we hit October I realized that between work, planning our daughters sweet 16, chasing our baby around, and other obligations - I was running out of steam. I had two choices - start planning an elaborate Thanksgiving or hit the breaks. Hitting the breaks is a lot harder for me than it sounds. After a lot of deliberation and some touchy conversations, we told our friends and family we were shutting it down for the four-day weekend. It wasn’t easy, but it was needed. The break has been a refreshing reminder of just how blessed we truly are. We’ve gotten quality time with our girls and done some much wanted work around our house done.

There is still a month left of the season, and while everything else around you might be spinning, if you’re not into it, use these tips to make the holidays a whole lot easier:

  1. Delegate your time and make smart decisions Think and reflect upon past years; what was hard? What could I do again? What was enjoyable? Think about what you can handle this year, taking in factors such as money, family, plans, and work and then apply this reflection in what you plan to do.

  2. Consider going to someone else’s party This applies to every holiday, there is usually always someone else throwing the ‘party’. Instead of adding the stress of hosting an event on your plate, go to someone else’s and be the guest. There is nothing wrong with not being ‘that house’ during the holidays.

  3. Consider doing nothing Sometimes the best thing to do is take this time to rest. Even if you are used to doing everything over the holidays, consider doing nothing, or doing the minimum to be truly fulfilled.

  4. Consider breaking traditions If money is a stress in your life right now, consider cutting back on the Christmas gifts or Christmas feast. Don’t force the same routine around this time a year, but focus on the ones you have year-round like working out or eating healthy.

Whatever you do this holiday season, we hope it is truly amazing and filled with love, joy, and the holiday spirit. Share some pics with us on social! And most importantly, remember power up & press play.

Thanks for reading!