Sell me more

By: Chad Koebcke

Just hearing the words “salesperson” or “sales” in general kind of stirs up a negative connotation, doesn’t it? I mean, aren’t we considered by many to share the negativity of lawyers, holy water infomercials, and bar owners that water down their drinks? No matter your perception, we are however needed. We are in fact cherished. Cherished?! That’s right. We just have to know our industry, and how important (or not important) our efforts are.

I know that when I need a person to help me make a decision, I want someone who is focused on me and my purchase. I am looking for someone who will take the time to walk me through why I should buy from them, be able to answer questions about the intrinsic value of their products, and answer questions another sales rep could not articulate. I want someone who knows that sale doesn’t stop when I pay, but wants to make sure I had a good experience, do not feel ripped off, and is available later if more questions arise.

Ever have a salesperson that disappears after you purchase your item? I have had that happen many times. Time is money, I get that. Have you ever heard that the number one rule in real estate sales is to always be working on finding them a house! I mean you could be on the toilet or showing another house to someone else, but when a buyer calls you, you answer enthusiastically and share how excited you are about the three perfect houses you JUST found them!!! You give the client the perception you are always working for them whether you are or aren’t!

How about price? How many of you go into a sale with a preconceived notion as to what is expensive and what is not expensive? Is it possible that one of the following could matter more than the cost to the buyer:

  • Trusting you in their home and around their family
  • Cleanliness
  • Attention to detail
  • Attention to providing them their desires
  • Getting something better than their friends have

Pricing always matters, but not in the same way for all clients. Some have the perception that they will get it the cheapest and then beat you up until it gets right (learn to spot this person). Others will pay more for a better experience (my favorite). Don’t miss out on selling the crazy gnarly system because you undersold yourself. Sell the 7-figure system to the buyer who wants the best.

Here is why money matters to a whale. Wait for it!

They simply want to confidently know they are not being screwed and overcharged. They have no problem with you making money and a good living; however, they do not want to be screwed. That’s all…

So what is the art of being sold? It’s these simple points:

  1. Don’t assume to know your client…get to know them!
  2. What you think about price does not matter. What they think does!
  3. Create an experience for them. Some clients are too busy for demos (the experience would be providing trust and fast turn around), others want a day of your time, champagne, and lunch. Know your buyer.
  4. Don’t forget Sales becomes customer service. That’s how you get more sales!

If you do all this correctly you will be able to have a conversation about your proposal with the client, and ultimately a follow-up visit that closes the project. Don’t believe me? Try these simple tips on your next sale and let me know how it goes.

Thanks for Reading!