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Getting and Staying Organized - Part I

If you work in the low-voltage industry, you know that more often than not that the months leading up to December get remarkably busy. The schedule is slammed with people trying to get work done before the holidays.... Read More

The Ty Room

For years I have been comparing Extreme Makeover “Home Edition” to complex audio video projects. If you have worked with me in any capacity, chances are you have heard me talk about the “Ty Room” to help me articulate how to find efficiency in programming a complex software solution.... Read More

Mach 10

Have you seen the new Top Gun, "Maverick"? Before you continue, this blog has a minor spoiler about the movie's beginning, so beware!... Read More

Company Scapegoats and Culture Killers: Part 2

What is a company scapegoat? When things are going wrong it’s common to blame the culture killers for lack of productivity, stalled progress, and inefficiencies.... Read More

Company Scapegoats and Culture Killers: Part 1

We’ve all done it. No one likes to talk about it. Hiring is tough, especially today.... Read More